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Here at the Harter Funeral Home, we pride ourselves on offering special, customizable services for each individual or family we serve. We understand that no two individuals are exactly alike; therefore no two services are alike either. We pride ourselves on designing custom services tailored to honor and celebrate your loved ones and to help their families start the bereavement process.

Below you will find a short outline of the basic services we provide. Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact one of our directors.

Traditional Funeral Services: A traditional Funeral consisting of any or all of the following; Calling Hours, Funeral, Graveside Service, Church Service or Burial at a cemetery. We provide services for any religious denomination along with non-denominational as well.

Cremation Funeral Services: We offer Direct Cremation Services, along with services proceeding or following the cremation process. Rental Caskets are available for services proceeding cremation and Cremation Urns and jewelry are available for those following.

Military Honors Services: For those who have bravely and proudly served our country we have tailored a service to honor them with any of the following options; military themed casket, taps, a firing squad and Military Graveside services.

Anatomical Donation: Should you be willing to donate your remains to science we offer our aid in the process of completing this.

*We ACCEPT Medicaid benefits from families for funeral services.

** We ARE a registered shipper for remains from this area to other funeral homes in other parts of the country.

Should you know exactly what you would like already or just wish to start the process of pre-arranging your funeral or cremation services, please take a moment to fill out our pre-planning form below.

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