182 Years of Courteous Professional Service
Isaac Harter
Our business was started by Isaac Harter who was originally a native of Herkimer County, in southern New York. After growing up there, he relocated to Mexico, New York. In moving to Mexico, Isaac created his own business making and selling cabinets locally. While in the cabinet business Isaac began to build caskets as well. The Harter Family purchased a lumber mill, which provided the wood for the caskets, and also created and owned a delivery stable, which held the horses that were used to deliver the cabinets and caskets locally. The horse stable also provided the ability to carry out their jobs as the local postmasters, over seeing the mail routes from Camden, NY to Mexico. The family owned the J.W. Harter Furniture and Undertaking store. In 1836, Isaac opened the first Harter Funeral Home in Parish.
Jacob W. Harter
Jacob W. Harter began his career of Funeral Directing at the age of 16 and continued to work with his father for 47 years. Jacob also owned 3 successful furniture stores. Jacob attended Mexico High School and became a teacher. Jacob also served as a postmaster under the Grant administration.
William B. Harter
William B. Harter became the sole owner of the J.W. Harter Furniture and Undertaking store when his father Jacob passed away. There were 16 stores in the villiage of Parish in 1895. William was also a postmaster under the Harrison administration.
Beryl H. Harter
Beryl H. Harter was the son of William B. Harter. Beryl worked with his father until 1930 when William passed away. Beryl then became sole owner of the Harter Funeral Home. During Beryl's period of ownership, he moved the home to it's current location on West Main Street in 1928. Beryl worked with his son Robert from the time Robert was 14 until Beryl passed away in 1959.
Robert W. Harter
Robert W. Harter is a graduate of the Simmons Institure of Funeral Service class of 1949. Robert has a Funeral Directing Liscense for the New York State Department of Health. Robert became the sole owner of the Harter Funeral Home in 1959. Along with being a funeral director Robert drove a school bus for the Altmar-Parish-Williamstown school district for 29 years. Although Robert is retired, he maintains a continued presence in the Harter Funeral Home family.
Robert B. Harter
Robert B. "Chip" Harter is the current owner of the Harter Funeral Home. Chip became the sole owner of the Harter Funeral Home in 1993. Chip is a gratuate of SUNY Canton class of 1983 with an Associates degree in Mortuary Science. Chip has a Funeral Directing License for the New York State Department of Health. Like his father, Chip worked with his father from his early years as a teenager.
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